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 Splash Page: AKA DarthTad's Super, Fantastic, Reviewiest Of Comic Reviews!!

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PostSubject: Splash Page: AKA DarthTad's Super, Fantastic, Reviewiest Of Comic Reviews!!   Thu Mar 01, 2012 3:28 pm

Hi, boys and girls! Who am I kidding? Hi, handful of adult males that frequent this forum! Smile Welcome to the inaugural installment of......

Splash Page: AKA DarthTad's Super, Fantastic, Reviewiest Of Comic Reviews!!

This week proved to be another great week for me as far as title releases that I look forward to. The Walking Dead, Avengers, Moon Knight, just a bunch of fun reading this week. But title in particular was heads and tails above the rest: Justice League #6.

Rewind a few months ago. The comic world was aflutter with news that DC comics was going to relaunch it's titles. All of them. 52 of them. Action Comics. Detective Comics. Justice League. Green Lantern. The comic shops were soon to be overrun with #1's. And what did most of us think. "Great, another crappy publicity stunt that will wind up being the biggest let down since the cancellation of ALF. " At least that's what I thought. Man, I miss ALF.

And then they hit the shelves. And the first one to land was Justice League. With Geoff Johns writing, and Jim Lee artisting (yeah, I just are that word up) surely DC would find a way to still let us all down.

Man, was I wrong. Justice League is awesome. It's great. It's what you should think of when you think of comic books.

And issue #6 is no exception. Let's throw the world's greatest superheroes together for the first time, make them fight Darkseid, a villain with God-like powers, and make them figure it out on their own. Oh, and every once in a while, let's throw in a two-page spread of Jim Lee art depicting someone good, punching the snot out of someone bad.

It's magical. The characters are written in a way that makes them approachable. Flawed, but at the same time, indestructible. They disagree on strategy, mock the other team members, and you never have any doubt who the good guys are, and who will be victorious. It's not over-complicated. There's not some multi-omni-phantom-verse that must be reversed by some anti-particle-negative-absorbing-gravity machine. There's just good guys, and bad guys.

There's Batman opening up and identifying with Green Lantern. Each one suspicious and doubtful of the other's intentions. There's Aquaman's holier-than-thou royal attitude being kept in check with incessant degrading from the other members. There's the Flash trying to impress all with his amazing speed, only to have Superman knock him across the block with a proverbial, and literal, flick of his finger.

In issue #6 the team dynamics continue to find their way. After seeming to defeat Darkseid, the team is finally applauded by the citizens of Earth, and given the recognition they deserve. And all the while all of them are chomping at the bit to be rid of each other. They grind their teeth at the mention of the word "Team." And in a last ditch effort to take advantage of their new found admiration, the Flash announces to the world that they are to be known as "The Super Seven!" Only to be met with groans from the other members.

And does it stop there? Of course not! In an amazing epilogue, Geoff Johns FINALLY introduces us to Pandora, the mysterious, red-hooded woman that was seen lurking in the background of every single issue #1 of The New 52. When I flipped the page and saw her, I did something I've never done before. I pumped my fist in the air and cried "YES!" Only to realize that I had just audibly and embarrassingly verbally reacted to reading a comic book. She's mysterious, she's illusive, and what could she possibly be doing in the DC Universe?

Man, I can's wait until issue #7.

"Something, something, something, Dark Side. Something, something, something, complete."
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Splash Page: AKA DarthTad's Super, Fantastic, Reviewiest Of Comic Reviews!!
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