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 FREE SCI-FI READ! Vol. 1 of "The Ultimate 7" Graphic Novel

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PostSubject: FREE SCI-FI READ! Vol. 1 of "The Ultimate 7" Graphic Novel   Wed Jan 09, 2013 2:15 am

FREE! Read all of Vol. 1 completely for FREE off of theultimate7 website. If you're looking to get into an epic sci-fi comic book series, then you have to check "The Ultimate 7" Vol. 1 of the Graphic Novel Trilogy that I have written and created. It's a 12 Issue Maxi Series. Issue 1 is 112 printed pages - Full Color. Greg Horn has done the cover art work of the Villains, and Shawn Surface has done all of the interior art work. The story is about an Evil Overlord that travels throughout the universe raping and pillaging planets and enslaving billions. Jenny Rocket and her Space Station the Omega 3 have been attacked. The villains destroy her planet, kill her family and friends, and take her sister, Laura prisoner. Jenny gets plunged to the other side of the galaxy where she gets rescued by an alien and recruited as the leader of "The Ultimate 7". Jenny must go on a planet-hopping mission to exotic locations in search of the other Ultimate 7 warriors. Together, this team of warriors will try to defeat the Evil Overlord and his reign of terror over the galaxy. I hope you all enjoy it! [center]
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FREE SCI-FI READ! Vol. 1 of "The Ultimate 7" Graphic Novel
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