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Cover archives walk through Empty
PostSubject: Cover archives walk through   Cover archives walk through I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 06, 2012 8:59 pm

What I want to do with this is try and get it as complete as possible within our means. Meaning, I want all pix to be owned by the members. And heres the basics of how I want to see this done.

1. With it as an archive, posters can post up their goods and the OP can take those and edit them in the first post with photo credits to the owner. If you own the piece yourself, you dont have to credit yourself if you dont want to (see the XMen series 1 entry I did). Members can either post them in the appropriate thread or pm them to the OP for them to add it in.

2. If the issue you have is a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. print, please list it with the issue number. Its not needed, but if you want to put down the rate of a variant cover (1:500) you can. I dont really pay much attention to it, but if you want it can be added if known.

3. TPB and Hardcover books will be in its own catagory listed by company (Marvel, DC, Image, DDP, Dark Horse, etc.). That way it will keep the single issue threads to just that, single issues. If its a collected works, like the Marvel Masterpieces, you can list what issues is included in that book. I think it would make it easier for someone who wants to pick those up and are missing single issues for that line.

4. For each series of books, there will be a seperate thread for that issue. Say you have Captain America series (volume) 1, 4, and 5. Each one of those will have its own thread with the appropriate series in the title thread for easier searching. Alot of the older books, like DC do have different volumes for most of their titles. All that is for each year, they called it a new volume but all it really is is the same series continued through the next year. If your not sure which series/volume it is, please contact a mod or admin and they can let you know before you post it.

5. Indy comics. I know alot of the Indy books have been under different publishers. What I would like to see done is this. For each title when you start the thread, along with what series/volume, please mark which publisher put it out. Heres an example.

Strangers In Paradise was put out by 3 different companys. Homage, Abstract and Antarctic. Each of those companys would have its own thread for those issues. Heres how I would like to see it done.

Strangers in Paradise (Homage)
Strangers in Paradise (Abstract)

6. International comics. Im not sure how they did itacross the pond, but if theres different series to the books released over there, do it the same way as the US releases. But if you can, please add the country that its from also.

7. Lets keep it in order. When more issues are added, lets put them in the right order so when a members scrolls through it, they can go from #1 to whatever without having to search for it. Theres no need in going ahead and numbering them before the issue is added. All that can be done when a new entry is added to the thread.

8. Mini series and one shots. All titles pretty much have one of them since the 80s. So with that, the one shots and minis can be kept in a thread on their own. Captain America: Mini-series and one shots, example thread title

If theres anything else that comes to mind or if you have any ideas, Ill add them to the list above. Right now, these are the main things I can think of that needed to be touched on before we all get started in. I know the first chance I get to seperate all my books, Ill be doing alot of updating to all the threads I can add to. With 30-40 long boxes full, Ill be busy for a long time. Very Happy
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Cover archives walk through
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