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 Frankie Boyle on Rex Royd, UK Comiedian and comic book writer

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PostSubject: Frankie Boyle on Rex Royd, UK Comiedian and comic book writer   Tue Jun 12, 2012 9:22 am

Frankie Boyle, more famous so far for his biting comedy style in the UK also publishes comic strip Rex Royd for Clint Magazine in the UK. There's a great interview with him from Kapow! Comic Con

In the second part he explains what Rex Royd is about

Quote :
In Rex Royd, an alien empire has taken over Earth and turned it into a 1950s reality, with Rex Royd being dumbed down by the 50s-style mind control. There is one person, a kid detective who hasn't been taken in by the mind control, because as a hybrid and schizophrenic, he is resistant to the mind control. Rex Royd gradually begins to realise there's something wrong and decides to go on a late-night chat show. On the show he goes mad and when they cut to a test card, it breaks the alien empire spell.

The inspiration for Rex Royd is more poetic than narrative, and Frankie Boyle explains how he sometimes feels he's living in a 1950s reality right now. Rex Royd is more of a psychological comic that reflects the way Frankie feels and sees the world. It can be similar to therapy and he finds that as he works with his artist Michael Dowling, he understands better what he feels and thinks. Frankie would like the story to go on forever, however part of the story is that Rex Royd gradually begins to realise he is a comic book fictional character, so Frankie would like it to end up as a photo strip similar to Doomlord.

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Frankie Boyle on Rex Royd, UK Comiedian and comic book writer
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